Paprika ★★★★

The thing about this movie is that, at first, you probably won't understand anything. Maybe the first half hour or so. And by that I mean that you'll be very confused for a long time. Even frustrated. But the thing that will keep you going is the fact, that this movie is very intriguing. You will want to know what's going on and you will watch the movie until at some point everything will start making sense. Now I might be overstepping the boundaries here by assuming that you will all feel the same way about this movie, but I'm not saying that. I'm hoping for that. Because this movie really is worth the watch.
Another thing this movie is known for, is the speculation that a lot of "Inception's" originally came from "Paprika" and I'm not going to lie, if you watch this movie, a lot things are suspiciously similar. And well, because "Paprika" is older than "Inception" and not completely unknown either... Well, we can assume the worst. But I don't really want to elaborate on that any further.
The movie takes place in the not-so-far-away future where a new kind of therapy has been invented. It's called "dream therapy" where therapists dive into their patient's dream using a device called the DC mini. Now the problem is that the device has not yet been completed and a few of the prototypes go missing. Wrong use of the DC mini could result in disaster.
I can't say much more about the plot without giving anything away though, but I can tell you one thing - this movie is a gem. Although (like i previously mentioned) it's a little bit hard or frustrating to watch at first, it's totally worth it.
It does have a few problems though, one of them being the length of the movie. It falls a bit short leaving the end solved but not entirely satisfying. The tempo of the movie is a bit slower at the begging and ultrafast towards the end but because of the amount of information we're given in the end (especially drastic compared to the lack of any information at the beginning of the movie) I, myself, felt the need for a better resolution.
The animation is great. It's very well made and also bends the rules in the most fantastic way. It does things you could never see in a movie without it looking horrible or over-edited. It really lives up to its full potential.
"Paprika" is also famous for its soundtrack which, I must say, is genius! It is very well placed and combined. It truly is wonderful. I, myself, cannot get enough of it.
In conclusion I would like to say that this movie is very worth the watch, I do recommend it to everyone, but I would also like to say that this probably isn't the best animation for children. It's isn't very explicit, but it's psychologically very intense and a little bit hard to follow. But fun. It's a fun movie.