Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

-long legs in mini colour-block shorts
-casio watches
-peaches, apricots (apricot juice), cherries, all fruit
-talking heads
-matisse inspired clothing
-heraclitus, catullus, praxiteles, bach, ravel and sufjan stevens
-hallway frescos, stone busts and wall maps
-sweat patches
-shoving paper in rucksacks
-double denim and cuffed jeans and loafers with no socks
-heart of darkness
-peter gabriel and robert mapplethorpe
-camera reel slips
-timothée chalamet's physicality
-not closing fridge doors properly
-hetero fairy tales being transferred onto gay relationships
-having your shyness mistaken for arrogance
-ambient farmyard noises and drowning car or moped noises
-running your hand along any and every available surface
-songs in which the lyrics go: "words don't come easy to me how can i find a way to make you see i love you"
-summer allergies as an analogy for homosexuality
-interlocking bike frames and cycling
-giving your lover your cum stained shirt
-unearthing a venus statue that was originally a gift of someone's love in a vast open space of water
-soft boiled eggs
-nature having a cunning way of finding your weakest spot
-calling your mother "funny witch"
-dramatically panning up from one thing to reveal it is something so much greater (piave monument)

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