• Work It

    Work It


    This movie did one thing really, really well: Use Rent by Big Freedia in their dance

  • The Week Of

    The Week Of


    The Week Of felt like a typical Adam Sandler movie from the past 3 years in the way it was comedic & raunchy but very heartfelt at the same time. And then he had to dress up as an old lady for 3 minutes. I guess they gave him that bit of creative control to keep him happy? but it was still as charming and astounding as ever

  • Amateur Night

    Amateur Night


    Ashley Tisdale as 2010 Ke$ha stripper

  • Blood and Bone

    Blood and Bone


    a run-down, poorly acted, entertainingly bad remake of kill bill. that’s kind of it.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    The Amazing Spider-Man


    LMAO Yeah... I’m spiraling

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2


    Went to school for the last time as a student to pick up my diploma and cap and gown, and I was in my feels shortly after. Obviously, I watched TASM2. It’s a theraputic routine at this point.

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    ...Okay? This movie made me realize how well-rounded Charlize Theron’s filmography is though. Go girl! Give us everything!

  • You Don't Mess with the Zohan

    You Don't Mess with the Zohan

    I had to stop watching this movie around halfway because the Arab accents & broken English was just unbearable to sit through

  • Catfight



    Performance art

  • Shaft



    FUCK YEAH. Shaft is a perfect blockbuster. The writing, MWAH!!! Comedy Central. The score? Sublime. The main characters EXCELLENT! The vibes? Tremendous.

    Shaft is an instant movie classic and I will be very disappointed if that outfit all the Shafts wore at the end isn’t a big halloween costume this year. Don’t disappoint me

  • Hancock




  • Downsizing



    Downsizing was a solid movie for me. I was so into the concept of it all; the downsized world, the way they thought so many things out & had some technicalities that made it interesting to dissect, it was all just really cool. But, once all that was done, and Matt Damon was downsized and everything, things just seemed to get jumbled.

    Hong Chau’s character arrives after Downsizing fully fleshes out its concept & world, and she offers some depth and emotion…