Us ★★★★

I put off watching this for so long despite seeing Get Out in theatres because it looked way scarier. And it is! It’s a scary movie, in parts. It’s also super weird!!

I love when people cross genres and Jordan Peele’s delve into horror is half the reason I want to get better at watching it. His stuff is different and strange and funny and genuinely terrifying! The symbolism came hard and heavy in this one, the concept was nuts, the characters were theatrical. He went big! Swung for the fences! I respect the hell out of that.

Lupita Nyong’o was so good. I thought she was getting kind of a shit role until her doppleganger showed up. That voice! That face! I bet she had so much fun!

I could not be scared of Tim Hiedecker with a gun to my head but I loved his and Elizabeth Moss’ characters. Moss actually freaked me out a little! Maybe it’s cause I can never not remember she’s a devout Scientologist.

Overall (coveralls?) it was a blast. I had to look away sometimes and other times I was laughing out loud. Great stuff. I will absolutely wait until people see his next one and tell me how scary it is before I attempt it, but here’s hoping!!!

Between this and the two Purges I’m starting wonder if capitalism and inequality are bad, actually

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