The Old Guard

The Old Guard ★★★

admittedly, this is not really my thing from like a tonal standpoint, but it was still pretty solid! i was excited to see that one of the closest things to a traditional big summer blockbuster we're getting this year had women prominently in front of and behind the camera. i think prince-blythewood's direction was integral to making it feel fresh. it's a well designed world, where there's plenty of lore to dig into, but it does fall a little to the cliche side at times. that all being said, the performances of major characters carry it all well. but my biggest takeaway truly was how refreshing it was to see an action movie that handled its diverse cast in a tasteful, matter-of-fact way, leagues off from disney's gaudy press for their 23rd first gay character every few months. if they make another i'd probably watch it but only if they'd swear it had a better soundtrack.

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