Kate ★★★½

I unexpectedly enjoyed it!

Yes, it was predictable and nothing was new or special about it but I was entertained by its narrative, characters, action sequences and the flashy neon aesthetic on the backdrop. 

I’m really impressed with the fight scenes. It was brutal, hard hitting and well choreographed which made me riveted all throughout. 

Despite being predictable, the revenge story was still good, it had an emotional core that works. I wasn’t a fan of save-the-kid trope but this one was passable.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead delivered a badass performance! She absolutely killed it! It makes me want to see her more in action movies. Miku Martineau was a delight! Her performance was not that bad and I really liked her chemistry with Winstead. Lastly, Woody Harrelson never fails to amaze me! So underrated.

Overall, it’s a decent one time watch for me. What an awesome movie to start October with.

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