Memento ★★★★★

“That’s who you were. You do not know who you are…”

I’m that movie you refused to watch at first and found out later i’m a gem ⬅️ (I felt so bad! It’s so good!!!! I was totally blown away! 😱😭)

What a crazy brilliant piece of cinema! Its reverse narrative structure intensifies the mystery as the journey unfolds. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for a single second. I had several goosebumps moments! Really mind-blowing and mind-stretching and kept me on the edge of my seat every twist and turn.

Everything from cinematography to editing to every dialogue, it’s all done to perfection. The score also plays just as an important role as the characters as it adds to the thrilling and desperate tone of the film.

Guy Pearce really did an exceptional performance! I haven’t seen much of his movies but I’m really impressed with his acting here. Same with Joe Pantoliano and Carrie-Anne Moss! Hands down to all the cast and crew!

And lastly….. Chris Nolan. You’re an absolute genius! I love you! 🙌 

Overall, it’s definitely one of the greatest films ever made. I was totally mesmerized by it. Words are not enough to appreciate the beauty of this movie.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you haven’t seen this yet.

Thanks to everyone who recommend this to me. 😘

PS: Memento just took the #4 spot in My Top 10 Movies of All Time and #1 spot in My Top 10 Pyschological Thriller Films 

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