I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

i've seen this film a million times already and i will continue to do so because this is a MASTERPIECE

it is literally SO GOOD. you will never find anything wrong about this movie from the story telling to the dialogue to the plot and cinematography, EVERYTHING is just so beautiful to look at and listen to and feel. it's SO PERFECT! i love everything about this film.

margot robbie was SENSATIONAL and this will always be my favourite performance of hers. best actress nomination ROBBED. and sebastian stan's performance? a perfect complement to margot's and allison's. the just work so WELL together and the direction of the whole thing was just INSANE

here we also get to see mckenna grace play young tonya (well, she is young [character] in everything so) and even in her few minutes of screentime, she gave a great and ICONIC performance as always. 

the film starts off like a normal family with its ups and downs like any other wholesome american household but as harding's career is developed, this film that revolves around the family just gets better and BETTER

and that triple axel scene? ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. everything about it is so amazing. from the editing to the production, BEAUTIFUL

the ending broke me. it's not the best but it's still PRETTY DAMN GOOD. it will leave you with THAT feeling after watching a really good film & love how it always keeps coming back. 10/10. always.

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