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This review may contain spoilers.

I think the beauty of this film is perfectly captured in the shift of time and colors. The first shot we see of the window is in the spring/summer with Ki-Woo on the phone, and the stress on technology is prevalent. They are connected immediately by phones, it gives the sense of "humanity" and likeness. However, by the end, it is winter and Ki-Woo is writing. It is dark; he does not have a phone, the cellular connection that held him and his family together is gone. Now he can only communicate with his father in dreams and in code. The movement, the constant shifts of power and class are so cruel and thrilling in its self. I don't think anything will ever top the look Kang-Ho Song gave Kim Ki-Taek when Mr.Park turned away from him and was holding his nose. The intricacies, direction, acting, and details put into this film are unbelievable. It was so worth the wait.

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