Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★★½

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It's been at least a decade since I last watched this movie.

As it went on, I couldn't stop thinking about Spielberg's influence all over it and how MANY movies aimed to a younger audience simply wouldn't exist without a little bit of his touch or view. And I just got to know that Spielberg wanted to change the whole plot and the cast and even turn it into an animation.


Oh well, it was for the better, I guess.

Columbus's direction is still very influenced by Spielberg and most of the plot holes come from the book, so how can I blame the movie for plot holes when it's been loyal to its source?

I completely forgot how long it was and it's amazing how time flew as I was watching it. Most special effects didn't age well but talking about early 2000s CGs, everything looks dated and some look simply awful. Here, it's ok-ish.

That last minute 170 points to Gryffindor was rough, man. If I were Slytherin I'd be HELLA pissed, I understand Malfoy's anger PLUS there was a scene there where Malfoy is clearly on the verge of crying and it's fucking sad. (fuck him tho)