Missing Link ★★★½

short review: cute!

long review: i always have this issue where for me to truly appreciate a stop motion movie to its fullest extent, i need to stop thinking about content and focus instead on how they made it. obviously that’s a double standard because really i should do the same thing whenever a live action movie has a lot of cgi or crazy camera work, but i don’t really focus on that stuff as much because they’re smaller parts of the whole. the only time i’m able to overcome this is when the content is especially strong (coraline, wallace and gromit). missing link managed to make me forget i was watching a stop motion film a lot of the time, but some of the scenes where the characters are doing crazy stunts, while still being a huge technical feat, kind of took me out of it because i was thinking too much about the technical elements behind everything. that’s on me though. 

otherwise, the very basic story does provide for some fun moments, the voice acting is very good, and i’m pretty sure hugh jackman said “hindu kush” so this movie’s alright!