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  • The Hustle

    The Hustle

    didn’t deserve such nice opening titles

    just doing an accent isn’t a joke you need to actually say funny things

  • Lick the Star

    Lick the Star

    extremely 12 year old actor voice: yeah,, what the heck ! she’s a , slut

  • Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    Nathan for You: Finding Frances


    best show ever PERIODT.

  • High Life

    High Life


    after you scrape off the initial feelings of disgust and repulsion, you’re left with a deceptively subtle horror that pulverizes the genre down to dust, and then throws the dust into a sandbox to let it be overrun by ants. that metaphor got away from me but basically i’m saying it’s better than i initially thought.

  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu

    Pokémon Detective Pikachu


    every time there was a pokémon i said “pokémon!” bc i love pokémon

  • Me the Terrible

    Me the Terrible

    OBSESSED with the way josephine decker uses sound

  • Thou Wast Mild and Lovely

    Thou Wast Mild and Lovely


    way too heavy on the stylization but i dug the eeriness

  • I Am Easy to Find

    I Am Easy to Find

    i was not in the proper emotional state to watch this at all

  • Somewhere in Time

    Somewhere in Time


    watch this back to back with the shining for two very different outlooks on similar situations

    EDIT: changed the rating to 4.5 because i realized that this is actually a bizarre abstract MASTERPIECE

  • Logorama


    it ain’t that deep

  • Someone Great

    Someone Great


    genuinely moving and gina rodriguez is sooooo fucking funny. didn’t expect to love this but !

  • Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One

    Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One


    no one: 
    not a soul:
    everyone in this movie: “F A G G O T”