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This review may contain spoilers.

kinda messy, kinda annoying

it rly had potential but felt pretty surface level. mentioned topics and concepts seemingly just to say they did without any follow-through. it really would've benefited from having multiple protagonists (none of them vivian) to actually see the lives of the other girls who were honestly way more fun and interesting than vivian... its like the movie forgot about them in the third act to show how vivian's life was "falling apart" but like lol girl how??? your mom got a boyfriend and your best friend got suspended bc of you......

ALSO, they had a whole campaign for Kiera but we barely saw her or even heard from her??

ALSO WHEN SHE RANDOMLY, OUT OF NOWHERE SAID "why isn't dad spending Christmas with me" I FULLY WENT "HUH??????"

and don't even get me started on the punk rock "Suddenly Seymour" needle drop jesus christ

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