Midsommar ★★½

I have a lot to say about this movie, but I'm just going to start by saying that Ari Aster almost tricked me....he was so close to making me think I liked this by distracting me with pastels and death - but alas! I saw through the absolute crap that is Midsommar only to realize that the entire time, I was paying attention for one reason: Pelle is hot, and looked really nice in white.

I saw some stuff on twitter about this movie before I saw it, and they said mainly two things: first, that this was a movie about grief, and second, that it would make you question your romantic relationship(s). To the first point, roughly 9 minutes of this movie may have possibly been about grief, and to the second point, no - it won't.

Halfway through this movie, I tried to rationalize with myself about why I should like this movie - because there were cool deaths, because I liked the aesthetic, because I wanted to see Pelle's dick - but none of these helped the fact that nothing fucking happened in this movie.

My main issue with Hereditary is that it's a bit over-explained? That being said, I liked that there was a point we came to (not to say that there was a reason, because I think an ending and a reason are very different), but in this, everything sort of happened? There were highs and lows throughout, which would be fine if they made sense for the story. Seemed like Dani would just freak out at the drop of a hat, and if you say it's because of grief - no. It's just not.

I really could complain all day about this movie but really I think my issue is that in a movie this long, something absolutely sick has to happen for me to want to watch it, and I went to the bathroom NO SWEAT during this thing. Not enough style to distract me from the lack of substance.

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