Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★½

Finally got around to watching lake mungo after hearing a lot of things from my friends and followers ,saying it was such a scary movie. Most of them said it’s scary then your average Hollywood horror film.
Now I must say I really did like this film but at the same time I didn’t.
It starts out really well, extremely realistic and believable with a different type of scare factor. A young girl who was swimming in a lake while she was on a family picnic ended up completely disappearing while everyone was there. Right very eerie?? They end up getting a search and rescue team to sweep the grounds and waters below. Nobody was found until the next day which was very odd, but it was very bleak and grim at the beginning which I liked. So unexpected and heartbreaking for the family which left you questioning what could have happened to Alice ? Now the film is a slow burner type which I didn’t mind but the biggest issue that I had was in the middle of the film. It really just lost me and my attention.
 I found it misleading and boring. Thankfully near the end it picked back up.
The ending was the most disturbing and gut wrenching experience ever.
I really don’t wanna spoil the ending but holy fuck that was absolutely outta body terrifying. Indeed something that’ll stick with you and deep in your mind forever. Mind blowing and unsettling but at times confusing. I feel like since it’s such a 50/50 it really depends on you, if your gonna like it or not.

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