Apollo 11 ★★★★

True/False Film Festival Film #14: MY LAST FILM OF THE FEST

Beautiful, experimental and almost just so incredibly intimate?

Like I'm pissed at us a race a good 85 percent of the time, but watching this I just felt so emotional at what our curiosity led us to accomplish. I honestly forgot I was watching a documentary at times because the cinematic language (ugh, pretentious but whatever) feels so much like a narrative film. There's a sequence right at the beginning where you see separate shots of Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins as they are being suited up and they each sort of look at the camera. Then, you see images of their families and loves ones and it communicates so much with just the looks on their faces. This is a huge risk for them and for who they love. And then they fucking do it!

You know they make it, but I couldn't but think throughout, "I hope they make it there and back."

I haven't seen First Man, but now I'm not sure I want to?