Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★

My thoughts as shared on twitter:

The MOST fun I’ve had at a movie in awhile even though a lot of the cast still can’t sing, but their characters are SO wonderful that I mostly didn’t care. I’m surprised that I cried?? I think I’m in love with young Tanya & wish Tanya was queer. 

If they made another sequel, I would not mind seeing more of Donna & the Dynamos because their chemistry as friends was so lovely 
LILY JAMES IS NOW ONE OF MY NEW FAVES SHE’S ADORABLE; I’ve seen her in other things but she has a fan in me 100 percent now

My less positive thoughts: 
The musical numbers were v fun to watch, but I enjoyed the music less this time around 
As a romcom, I wasn’t really as sold on the romance - I know it’s really hard to do with 3 men, but the chemistry wasn’t always there with the younger Donna & men

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