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This review may contain spoilers.

True/False Film Festival Film #12:

I made eye contact with Nathan Fiedler at a bar the same day I saw this, but my friends were already talking to him and I was too far away and too awkward to say anything, but whatever this is a review not a space for me to lament on missing out on my chance to talk to Nathan Fiedler

BUT, Finding Frances is an incredibly empathetic piece of work and while yes, it's about the search for a long-lost love, but in some ways, it feels like Nathan Fiedler processing his own place and decisions through Bill. It's like he's processing his own film's conceit the entire time - Nathan For You is a show that still functions within capitalism - they work long hours to get the show done and as a result, both Bill and Nathan have developed isolation and distance from the genuine, deep emotional connection that Bill maybe had with Frances because they've chosen what've all believed to be the goal in life. What is success if there's no one to share it with?