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  • Mississippi Masala
  • The Quiet Man

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  • The Back-Up Plan

  • Drive-Away Dolls

  • Anyone But You

  • She's All That

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  • Monster


    "Contrary to what the stereotypical Rashomon spin brings to a film — the same story, near-identical beats, with each new shift leaving breadcrumbs of context to create a full picture — Yuji Sakamoto’s screenplay works differently. Instead of putting all the dramatic weight on certain narrative milestones shown two or three times, Monster almost doubles as a loosely connected triptych of short films."

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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things

    "All the parts are here. A dedicated cast, wacky production design, a discordant soundtrack, crazy camerawork, and gags galore. Alas, it doesn’t fully add up. It’s so strange to lob a word like ‘autopilot’ at something this stylized, but it does seem that Lanthimos is doing what’s most comfortable for him instead of what would be best suited for the material at hand. For a work imbued with such importance on arrival for its purportedly revolutionary ideas about society and gender, the aesthetic gets far more time to shine than the subject matter."

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