Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

Road to Endgame #18 Doctor Strange: I really enjoy Doctor Strange probably more than most people. I honestly think it has the best character development in the MCU for a single film. Strange’s arch evolves so well he was a Cocky Doctor, Crippled Man, and sorcerer (It does most of this in the first 2 acts). Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing as Steven Strange but I homestly can’t say that for the supporting characters because of all of them the only one I really like is Christine (Love interest) and Wong and a few good scenes. Visually it is stunning and I am just so impressed with what was done given the budget they had. I do have a few issues with the movie one being the amount of slapstick humor in the movie, I really wish they developed the relationship with Christine and Steven a bit more, and Kaecilius was absolutely terrible as the main but on the other hand Dormammu was menacing and probably gave the funniest final fight scene an MCU movie (I wish we saw more of him though.
V: 8.6/10 “Dormammu I have come to bargain.”