Midsommar ★★★★½

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Now this is art! I really enjoyed it, being a huge fan of Ari Aster’s last film “Hereditary” which literally screwed with my head for a number of weeks. I was highly anticipating his next film, and it does not disappoint. This will go down as one of the best breakup films ever made.

I am going to start with the individual acts because they deserve there own paragraph. The first act I really liked it was good shows many of the struggles when being in a relationship, but it also hits you hard with deep motifs and loss. The second act was probably the one I had the most issues with because it is boring but also super interesting, there where points in some scenes where I checked the time and started to yawn but I was still so engaged with the story. The hits act was artistic gold, about 25% through the third act the movie starts to go absolutely crazy and I love every second of it.

The physical attributes of this film are quite great. The acting was good all around but I have too standouts being Florence Pugh as Dani who is the lead and the best friend of her boyfriend being Josh played by Will Poulter. Now Florence Pugh is fricking great but she is no wear close to Toni Collette in Hereditary, she still does an excellent job portray that role though; Will Poulter on the other hand is a gem, some of the best comedic timing I have ever seen especially in such a young actor, and it is not just a fluke he was easily the best part of Bandersnatch and We’re the Millers. The directing and script by Ari Aster is so well done, obviously this is a very personal story for Ari as he wrote the script while going through a breakup and he does such a great job portraying the emotions of the characters and framing it too his liking (The script in For Hereditary was still better imo though).

The technical attributes are a lot to take in, it gets basically everything right except for one thing. The Pacing is so bad I checked my phone at least 4 times why does it feel like 4 hour film, you could literally shave 30 minutes of the film and it would have the same impact. Everything thing else is flawless, Best Cinematography, Editing, and tone so far this year. Do not even get me started on that color palette. 

In conclusion, Ari Aster, you madman. This managed to be one of the funniest, most beautiful, lush, hazy, transcendent, vile, sickening, cringe-inducing, hallucinatory, disturbing, revolting, stomach-churning, nauseating, sexy and yet also one of the most moving pieces of poetry I’ve ever seen about a girl and her struggles. You can bet your bottom dollar I will be at the next Ari Aster film.

Verdict: 9.3/10

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