The Prestige

The Prestige ★★★★½

Nolan Ranked 

So many people have been telling me to watch this film for a very long time, in fact I have watched this film 4 times since my intial conversation with Armitt telling me to watch this film. But I just can not wrap my head around this film it may not be Nolan’s best but it is definitely his most thought provoking feature and that is coming from the person that made Memento and Inception. I f my low I Q List was Ranked this would definitely be number 1.

This film just keeps toying with you, it takes so many twists without them being actual twists. Nolan truly does have the touch when it comes to storytelling. This is probably my second favorite Nolan screen and I could really see it becoming my fav, it is on par with the Dark Knight. Hugh Jackman gives his second best performance (Logan is Number 1 (duh)) to date and Christian Bale just shows so much passion in each scene. I really do not have anywhere to fault this film, excellent direction, cinematography, and plot. 

What keeps this film from 5 stars for me is how modern it feels for a period piece and I know that was feel Nolan was going for but it just felt slightly out of pace to me.

In conclusion, insane film that has been stuck in my head for a number of weeks. Sooo yeah.

Verdict: ?/10 (I don’t know)