When Harry Met Sally...

When Harry Met Sally... ★★★★½

Warning Alert: I may come off as douche to some people in this review if I sound like dick too much, just remember most of this review is a joke (not really) and Men and Women can definitely be friends. So if too many comment your a dick I will probably change this review to “That Fake Orgasm scene was funny.”

I watched this film a few hours and it took me a while to write this review because I did not know if I wanted to write a real review or if I wanted to write a snappy quick review or joke.

But then I started to contemplate the theme of the film which is “Can Men and Women Truly be Friends?” then I started to wonder if this is true. I quickly looked at my contacts and I asked myself the question “If the opportunity presented the self would I date any of my female friends.” Yeah I definitely would and all the women who I wouldn’t date in my phone have either expressed interest in me before or I probably have already done something that would prove that we are incompatible together.

So where does this leave us have I proved Men and Women can not really be friends? Well obviously this untrue because that can’t be right but what about friends with benefits (That is basically being friends and having sex without strings being attached) or if someone is gay friend. 

In all honesty this is a real question that I am curious about, if we are talking about the movie I probably would not give over a 9 but just the fact it is making me think so much and it took me 4 hours to write this review proves it it a film worthy of a little boost to get over the 9 area. The film itself is actually really good on its own too both Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are very good. Wow wow wow the screenplay is fantastic the movie is practically all dialogue and gosh I can not believe how good it is. Great soundtrack and score, a strong color palette. It is a really good film.


The question I really want to ask though, is can Men and Women be friends??