Lamb ★★★

I'm fully aware of how ridiculous this sounds but I was quite impressed early on in the film by how good that one sheep was at acting, probably the best scared performance of the year.
I was hoping to like this more to be honest because I love films with absurd premises but it was just sort of fine. About halfway through I stopped trying to make sense of it and just rolled with the novelty of it being about a sheep in people clothes that barely gets acknowledged and that made it better. I guess Baby Annette isn't the weirdest film baby this year in hindsight, Ada was cute asf though.
I did start to piece together the deeper meaning of what they were trying to say by the third act where it also gets a little bit more bonkers. I don't mind that it has a strange twist that comes entirely out of left field, but I wish it embraced that earlier on because I'd have been 10x more engaged.

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