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  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Back to the Future
  • Jaws
  • Fish Tank

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  • Another Round


  • The Angel

  • American Beauty


  • Akira


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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    Day 5 of 100 Films in 100 Days

    The reason I wanted to watch this film was because It was a movie that came out in 2020, and got good reviews. I generally like to keep up with new movies that get released, even in a year like 2020 where I watched significantly less movies from that year than previous ones.

    One thing I Liked: *SPOLIER* The message of this film, if you could say that it had a message…

  • The Angel

    The Angel

    1 Thing I Liked: da fuq?

    1 Thing I Didn’t: da fuq?

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  • mother!


    I've been sitting at my computer for the last 24 hours, trying to come up with something to say about this movie.

    I've drunk 3 cups of coffee, wrote 5 rough drafts, watched 10 reviews from other people on this movie, read 15 articles about the imagery in this movie, took LSD to help get the creative process flowing, sacrificed a goat, and literally went to the moon.

    When I was on the moon I also tried doing yoga to…

  • Geostorm


    Geostorm?! More like There's Not a Geostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Dialougeostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Stinkostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Peeostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Lieostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Sub-parostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like 2 Starostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Exploding Collesiumostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Lightning Doesn't do thatostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Seziureostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like There's Hardly any Stormsostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Glad I Didn't Pay Real Money to see This Movieostorm!

    Geostorm?! More like Why is Gerard Butler Not in Any Good Moviesostorm!