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  • Summer Knight

    Summer Knight

    [1st Viewing on 17/1/21 at Mubi for MIFFest 2020]

  • The Bride of Frankenstein

    The Bride of Frankenstein

    [1st Viewing on 17/1/21 at Fear: The Home Of Horror]

    I have to say, I quite enjoyed this over Frankenstein (1931). That miniature scene and when meeting the hermit really made an impression.

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  • 7ujuh


    [1st Viewing on 13/1/2021 at Mubi]

    I can't remember what was the last Malaysian horror movie I watched that looked this good. Not in the high production value sense, but someone actually paid attention to the cinematography to get some darkly gorgeous shots, and the special effects are actually decent enough to not be detracting. Add a generally solid performance from a seasoned cast on top of that, and I'm already ready to enjoy this. But then it goes on…

  • The Last Dragon

    The Last Dragon

    [1st Viewing on 2/1/21]

    Who knew that Blaxploitation, gaudy costumes, retro 80s music, unapologetic appropriation, and quotable cheesy lines would make my first guilty pleasure of 2021? That final fight scene pushed this to earn a Like.

    Why haven't any of the trained fighters got bigger gigs after this?