Fantastic Planet ★★★

Listen, the effect that Star Wars had was astronomical. It is likely secondary only to Dune in it's world-shattering influence on science-fiction. And while Dune's effects remained unseen by the general population, Star Wars blasted through every house in the world. For this reason, any sci-fi media can be distinctly split into Before/After 1977.

To be honest, I kind of hate how every time I watch a pre-Star Wars science fiction movie, I can only ever comment on how weird and unhinged sci-fi used to be, those long-lost decades of authors and directors taking a ton of LSD and really just putting anything to paper, when no real credence for world-building was thought of beyond "What if a planet, but different because _____?", when everyone was just chill with getting real high and reading John Carter.

That cultural zeitgeist is so perfectly captured in Fantastic Planet. Very Bradbury-esque (Bradberian?) and trippy. The colorful and bizarre animation leaves a lot to be desired in movement, and the movie wraps so quickly I can only assume that they ran out of money, but beyond all this, the movie was more than entertaining enough.


What a weird pre-Star Wars science fiction movie.


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