You Were Never Really Here ★★★★

A brutal, horrifying, disturbing art-house action film that rips you apart like the PTSD ripping Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) apart.

At many points I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. Lynne Ramsay crafts an incredible feast for the eyes, despite the wretchedness of what appears on-screen. It almost felt like I was in A Clockwork Orange, my eyes forced open--forced to watch and experience every horrid emotion that the characters do.

Additionally, the score and sound design were unbelievable--loud, scary, powerful. The score really drives the film forward at a pace so quick that the 90 minute runtime felt like 20, but still allows the film to breathe. I can't imagine not seeing this in a theatrical setting. I do not think it would have the same effect.

Finally, Joaquin Phoenix is breathtaking. Watching him as Joe is watching a masterclass in acting. Truly heartbreaking.

This film is certainly not for everyone, as it truly is disturbing, honest, and horrifying. You can go through your whole life without seeing this film. But you can see it.

And you should.

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