Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A. ★★★★

Snake Plissken: What's that?
Pipeline: Tsu-nami, Snake! Tsunami!

Alright. Kurt Russell is one of my favourite action stars, whether he be travelling through a Stargate or escaping from a city...he always gets me...

Escape From L.A. is an inferior sequel to the original classic. Everyone should know it. The acting from the supports is atrocious and some of the special effects are below even the original's so damn cheesy and fun.

Whether it be Snake surfing with Peter Fonda or Snake playing basketball to save his life...I'm always entertained...always.

Snake Plissken: Got a smoke?
Malloy: The United States is a non-smoking nation! No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol, no women - unless you're married - no foul language, no red meat!
Snake Plissken: Land of the free.

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