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  • Panic Room

    Panic Room


    "Have you seen those pictures of Jared Leto at the Shrek premiere?"


    "he had cornrows in those pictures because he was shooting this at the same time"

    Me waxing poetically the RIVETING trivia information about Panic Room I've had memorized for years to my partner as we were watching this.

  • I Can Make You Love Me

    I Can Make You Love Me


    "ahaha look at this goofy looking thriller with Brooke Shields, this is going to be another stupid Sleeping With the Enemy rip-off hahaha!"

    Well it sure felt like that for the first couple acts, though much better than a standard 90s TV movie, especially how realistically it deals with workplace harassment and how powerless someone can feel when they're trapped in a situation like Brooke Shields' character (as far as 90s TV movies go at least), but as everything felt…

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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    Sam Levinson - "whoa guys, I don't know if you can handle my film that I, an older white dude wrote about the complexities of being a teenage girl, it's pretty E̳͉̊̇̌̍D͔͍̪̠̙̼̦̿̇G̱̼͖͔̖̀ͧ̾̈ͬͭ̒Y̔̔͛̈ͤ, like TRIGGER WARNING am I right?"

    -puts sunglasses on and blasts Linkin Park-

    "p.s. this is what a feminist looks like"

    -drives off into the distance-

  • Malignant



    James Wan stands at a pile of unproduced scripts sitting on his desk, a body horror, a giallo and a few pages of a women in prison movie he'd been working on, a breeze blows through the open window and the scripts spill over the floor, pages strewn everywhere, he quickly picks them up and tries to piece them together. "Wait this isn't the right order, I can't tell which script is which.... wait... wait a second... this is... yes...…