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  • Honeyland



    I didn't know this was a documentary until after it was over. That should tell you a few things about the movie and a few things about me.

    I was amazed at the natural presence of the "actors" until I found out they weren't. I was amazed at the filmmakers ability to place their cameras just so to simulate cinema verite until I found out that is exactly what it was. But after finding out the "secret" (to no one…

  • Kansas City

    Kansas City


    I’m not sure why this didn’t work all that well for me. Robert Altman has directed some bona fide masterpieces and some outright clankers, but this one sits smack dab in the middle of those extremes and just sort of sits there. At first I might have been lured in by the prospect of a huge Altman canvas, but that doesn’t materialize. Perhaps this would be filled with good actors intermingling and cross-talking their way through a big story. Nope,…

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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    The first QT film I’ve truly dug since Inglorious Basterds, this seems to be a bit of a return to form from my vantage point. Long and meandering but with a zip that seems to have been missing since the death of Sally Menke, this is just a beautiful paean to a time and a place many of us think we remember, but probably don’t. Helter Skelter looms large for many of us and I was actually a bit nervous…

  • Silence



    This is an amazing movie, but I hated almost every second of it. I find missionary work to be pretty appalling at its core, and this film effectively shows the folly of it quite well.  Boo and hiss all you want at the Japanese bad guys, but our Christians aren’t doing anyone any favors either. Apostasy is a pretty light sentence after coming in with your big, swinging god dick to say your fables are better than their fables. Just…