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    Diaries, Notes, and Sketches


    “I live, therefore I make films.”

  • The Point!

    The Point!


    The Nilsson soundtrack is wonderful, serving as a cap to his early psychedelic period pre-Nilsson Schmilsson, and the limited animation is often goofy and creative. Unfortunately the script is a bit dull and there’s some weird racial stereotypes here and there that distract from the cute stuff. Unless you’re a real Nilsson completist or a big fan of this odd period of low-budget early 70s animation I would recommend skipping the full film and instead check out clips of the song sequences and listen to the soundtrack album instead.

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  • Chained Girls

    Chained Girls


    This is a softer-than-softcore skin flick posing as a serious documentary about the “problem” of (gasp!) lesbianism. The educational overtures are of course absurd, mostly citing bogus facts about how all lesbians are violent, murderous psychos with daddy issues. The attempts by the straight male filmmakers to explain the lesbian subculture and dating scene are absolutely HILARIOUS and will leave you gagged. As laughable as this stuff is, Chained Girls does stand as a fascinating time capsule of homophobia in…

  • Rodan



    A kaiju film with a unique melancholy tone and dark color palette to match, Rodan is an odd entry in Toho’s “Godzilla expanded universe.” A true ensemble film, I feel like it lacks the strong characters that make the original Godzilla work so well as a drama and help give later Showa era films lovable human heroes. Here the closest thing we have to a hero is a hot-headed miner suspected of murder who spends the film’s second half unhinged…