Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

Peter Parker goes to Europe on vacation and meets for the first time maybe from his point of view the most dangerous villain possible. All Peter Parkers were young but our Peter Parker is the youngest Spidy so far. The villain targets exactly this weakness, Peter's lack of experience with people!
The movie is well done. Technically, storyboard and everything else. And for the first time the Postcreditscene becomes the most crucial scene of the movie! Staying in your seats has been important since the very first movies of Marvel but with this movie everything changes. If you miss the Postcreditscene you've missed the complete movie.
Some Spidy-Fans could be upset because Peter is too naive. But it fits completely. Guys, he is 16! Peter-Tingle isn't enough to deal with an intelligent grown up who had time to prepare such a deception, helped by an entire team of scientists.

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