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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Okay so I think it’s obviously gotten to the point where I can’t legitimately review this film, and all I can do is just bullet point things I noticed with each watch:

•Divya looks at his girlfriends computer quickly and sees “The Facebook” created by Zuckerberg. He then proceeds to run across campus to the Winklevi and tells them “It’s been live for more than 36 hours”, even though it’s obvious he didn’t stop somewhere to find out (he went to them immediately), and it’s not like it said on the page “The Facebook has been live for 40 (or however many) hours”. Don’t get me wrong, I love that moment, and you really feel the impact of the scene, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a little flaw.

•When Mark gets the “I’m CEO, bitch” cards, Sean asks him “What’s in the package?” Maybe it’s just because I watched Se7en, but having realized that I can’t stand that he doesn’t say “What’s in the box?” It doesn’t even have to be some Fincher self-referential thing, I just wish he had said it like he says the package line and it had been an easter egg of sorts

• I love Sean’s speech at the party near the end of the film. Up to this point (and after it), Sean is portrayed in a negative manner, whether it be his paranoia or him just being an ass. But the way he talks about Facebook in the beginning of the scene, especially his “And now we’re going to live on the Internet!” line, really gives his character some humanity. You can tell how deeply interested he is in it. It’s not just about fame or fortune, he’s genuinely interested in the success of Facebook and progressing it forward.

•The opening scene of this movie is actually my favorite scene of all time. The amount of things it sets up for the film, such as Mark’s defense mechanisms, rowing crew, Eduardo’s money savvy, etc., and just how perfectly shot, written, and directed it is. And the way it ends on Mark sitting there, as he makes a bunch of little movements and doesn’t know what to do (such as picking up his glass and immediately sitting back down).

• I’m sorry but I don’t see Erica at all during the final scene (when Mark requests to follow her). Every time I see that picture for some reason I think it looks exactly like Gal Gadot, and absolutely nothing like Rooney Mara.

Also this has nothing to do with the movie, but I start my 12th Grade year tomorrow, so I had to end the summer with this being the last film I watched.

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