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  • Cars


    Said it before, but this is top tier Pixar, all memes aside. I'll never understand the flack this film receives. The sequels? Sure yeah, they're a bit odd to say the least but I believe this one has the heart of any Finding Nemo, Toy Story or Monsters Inc that preceded it.

    Right on the brink of Pixar's decline in fact, into more sketchy records of films that contested as a weird hit and miss pattern of releases.

    Also, I'm finished college now! 🥳

  • KSI: Can't Lose

    KSI: Can't Lose

    I got really into KSI over the last couple weeks, dude is actually such an inspiration. His determination and mean faced boldness to any situation is infectious and this documentary, while fine at best is only a further testament to everything he's achieved so far. Pretty cool watch.

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  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    I'm gonna point out before I get into this, I'm pretty sick of Marvel movies at this point so this will be a little biased not to mention the fact that I went in with low enough expectations.

    Safe to say, I got what I expected and it's generic story 101:

    >Protagonist is really good at something
    >Living the life
    >Protagonist gets issues all of a sudden with thing he is really good at
    >Protagonist overcomes his issue with…

  • Moonlight


    A portrait of a repressed and tortured soul, denied by piers.
    A painting come to life, and a journey through music, colour and limited dialogue.

    Moonlight impresses me the more I see it, tragic, beautiful, real.