2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Watched again (twist my arm) as part of Lise's 'HAL's Birthday' discussion: letterboxd.com/lise/list/hals-birthday-watch-2001-on-sat-jan-12-2013/#comment-219208

I watched this last night, alone, in the dark of night, with my headphones on, late yesterday and I have to say I was a little concerned I may fall asleep for the very first time while watching this film. I've seen many people call this film boring and that they fell asleep when trying to watch it, but after what is probably my tenth or so viewing of the film, including last night, after a long day of football, cooking, eating, and even a Woody Allen movie, I had no problem staying awake for what is still my favourite film of all time.

Few films have me pondering my existence in the universe after I watch them, but Kubrick manages to get into my very soul and poke at areas that I never even knew existed. The most amazing part of this of course is that there is little in the way of character development to latch onto, aside from the homicidal, pathological computer we all know and love.

The must have built a special coffin for Kubrick to house those gargantuan steel balls of his; an opening sequence with just a black screen (the surface of the monolith I suppose), long space scenes with no sound at all (scientifically accurate of course), and a 10+ minute acid trip as the film climaxes. Not many would have the audacity to put such things into a film and none could have done it so effectively.

Still a technical marvel 45 years later and I don't see that changing in the next 45 years. It will take a miracle to ever knock this out of my number one movie slot.

Happy birthday HAL!

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