Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

A film that could have so very easily stumbled into the world of annoying, twee affectations, and I must admit I was a bit concerned it was going there in the first few minutes, manages to avoid that pitfall and become a simply charming and wonderful post-coming-of-age film.

Greta Gerwig is simply fantastic here; always the innocent, yet charming doofus, she pulls it off yet again. She manages to straddle that line between being the lovable dork you want to have around and the annoying freeloader you want to kick out. She made me laugh and cringe in equal amounts.

I loved the focus on friendship and how tenable the female friend bond can be, even in the face of seeming disaster. While the male romantic relationships come up quite often, it is this female relationship that grounds the whole film and Frances herself. When things are strained there, her life is strained; that relationship is a reflection of her life. It was a very interesting and refreshing way to show the struggles people have when they are unsure what to do with themselves.

I'm sure many who watched this just wanted to grab Frances by the shoulders and shake her, but I wanted to grab her hand and dance with her all the way down Broadway.

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