Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

I. Everything

ebbs and flows. Life, death, decay. A sharp inhale, a deep exhale. As with the Earth’s vast ecosystems so too do we operate in this equilibrium of loss and regeneration. This is the push and pull that defines an undefinable existence, bringing balance to the volatile nature of all things. 

The world turns, the second hand unwinds. Paths unseen and roads not taken stretch out before us, and should our wistful gaze falter from its set destination they begin to obscure our vision. With every step forward we could be laying our best and brightest selves to rest, another impossible scenario left behind in a chain of bygone aspirations. Regret is inevitable, and with each instance of it we risk losing ourselves to the sorrows of the dreams we buried. 

Time is a fickle creature. It has no eyes to observe our needs nor ears to hear our protests and so it marches on indiscriminately, pulling each of us along in its wake. 

We try to make sense of this.

We are loathe to understand it. 

It is often too painful to give much thought to our undoing.  

And yet. 

II. Everywhere

People you will never know, a breadth of knowledge forever unexplored. Though no two of us are the same we each clamour for a taste of it, this hunger that drives us to sample all the world’s splendours in the time given to us. Different from one another in every way imaginable, yet perhaps in this one thing we are wondrously, tragically alike. And so an endless pursuit of the unattainable becomes its own form of eternity, preserved in the echoes of language and culture weaved across the centuries.

Of all the infinite combinations and the diverging branches before us, a single path has brought you to this moment, in this time. From out of the dust and the brine, molded from the disarray of human existence, it is you that stands here today, in all your flawed completeness.

III. All at once

it becomes clear: we must decide how much the universe cares or doesn’t care. There can be no wrong answer because there is no right answer. We ascribe the importance we wish to see to each and every action taken or not taken. Within this immediate sphere of our influence, infinitesimal though it may be, there is always a choice to be kind. In every world, in every story - however fractured the world and doomed the story. Our fleeting lifespan holds as much value as you choose to give it, a flicker, a spark, a cry that is snuffed out and silenced against the backdrop of an infinite expanse - it means everything and nothing. It is everything because it is nothing. 

There is only so much we can decide for ourselves. How all the more important, then, it is to nurture what precious few gifts have been afforded to us. To find comfort in the chaos and rebel joyously, in the most meaningful way we can. Not because it is innate. Not because it is inevitable. 

To be kind because we choose to be kind. To never stop choosing kindness, your strongest defense in all of this beautiful, terrible absurdity. To love and keep loving, again, again, again. 

Cherish these few specks of time. 

Be kind. Fight on.

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