The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★½

I've officially reached my 2nd (3rd?) Wes Anderson film and my theory is that ever since introducing yellow as an art form to the world this man has dedicated his career to enthusiastically sharing any new colour he finds out about with the same 30 actors. Dude was so thrilled over discovering pastel pink that he based a entire movie around it, good for him!

I don't know if I love Wes Anderson's style yet or if I ever will, but the meticulous nature of his filmmaking is undeniably satisfying. His stories seems to focus less on people as individuals and more about the spectacle they take part in, which is interesting in it's own way but not something I always connect with. The acting and visual elements did enough heavy-lifting for me to stay engaged even when the characters never really resonated with me on a deeper level.

I do appreciate the genuine amusement this got out of me and the moments of humour land very well. One star is purely for my surprised laughter over Ralph Fiennes casually and very ineffectively running away from a bunch of guards who just stand there before awkwardly chasing him. Even homophobic Adrien Brody with a villain mustache was delightful somehow, it was just that exaggerated and over the top.

The big prison escape sequence made me wish I was watching Paddington 2 and then it hit me just how similar the two films are in terms of visual storytelling. The Grand Budapest Hotel walked so Paddington could run!!

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