Almost Famous ★★★★★

“Penny, our friend, has gained another year. But long ago she threw it in gear.” Cameron Crowe first details the soulful and selfless side of Penny Lane, the heroine of his 2000 coming-of-age classic, with a poem. “She says she’s retired but we’ve heard it all before. She chose us, in Penny Lane we trust. She is a fan of this band, much more so than us.”

Loosely based on the director’s own teenage years as a music critic, Almost Famous follows William Miller (Patrick Fugit), a precocious 15-year-old journalist who accompanies the up-and-coming rock band Stillwater on their tour bus across America. Also on board are the group’s devoted muses, the Band-Aids, led by the free-spirited Penny (“God’s gift to rock ’n’ roll”) played to perfection by a beguiling Kate Hudson.

(first time watching the theatrical release -- the extended cut is much better)

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