Parasite ★★★★★

If I had all this, I would be kinder.

Bong Joon Ho‘s Parasite lithely walks a slick, impossibly intelligent tight rope between uproarious social satire and pulse-pounding thriller. It’s a living Rubik’s Cube—with bricks colored in hues of painfully relevant class struggle—that never allows itself to be fully solved, even when you finally think you’ve got it all figured out (and thank goodness for that). Once it ropes you in, you’re left both ravenously hungry for more and functionally devastated over the wealth you’ve been given. Every member of the ensemble delivers, every moment is so perfectly calibrated for maximum impact—be it hilarity or horror or utmost sorrow—and it’s something to be deeply cherished. Cinema at its finest, in its most exquisitely original form. I’d kill to experience it for the first time again, a hundred times in a row, immediately.

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