The Shape of Water ★★★★½

“If I told you about her, the princess without voice, what would I say?”

As 2017 comes to a close, I begin to reflect on this year of my life and how i’ve changed between the beginning of the year and now. Over the past 11 months, I proudly say i’ve grown immensely, as a friend, writer, watcher, and all around person. i’ve learned who I am and the confidence i have in myself has reached new heights that 2016 me could never imagine. 

I don’t think I could have ended this year on a higher note than Guillermo Del Toro’s “The Shape of Water”. This aquatic romance set in the 1960’s tells the story of a mute woman, Elisa (played by the extraordinary Sally Hawkins), a custodian at the local government laboratory, who falls in love with their latest find. All the performances in this film are outstanding, pointing out especially Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, and Richard Jenkins, along with the underrated performance of Doug Jones, as the half man-half amphibian our main character falls in love with. 

Guillermo Del Toro writes and directs magically. He sticks to his comfort zone in regards to science fiction fantasy, but adds layers of spy drama, and even musicality. This is definitely a film I need to go back and watch again to see everything that del Toro wants the viewer to see, but what a way to end the year of many firsts.

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