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  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Almost Famous
  • The Spectacular Now

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  • Queen & Slim

    Queen & Slim


    "Well, if it isn't the black Bonnie and Clyde."

    Although we act like we’ve put it behind us, we’re still the America that celebrates Bonnie & Clyde. We still sing about them in songs detailing our deepest & most radical teenage dreams and wear them on t-shirts and remake movies about them— and let’s be clear, I’m no exception; I think they’re fascinating. But as a self-proclaimed Bonnie & Clyde historian, I think that’s part of the reason I thought this movie was…

  • Labor Day

    Labor Day


    Here’s a soapbox:
    To the people complaining that Labor Day is faulty because it insinuates that Adele can’t be happy without a man,

    Women can be whole on their own and also love love, and love to be in love, and love men. Adele was depressed because she’d lost a lot, including love. And she was lonely. And it’s fucking okay that she wanted a man and that when she did she was intensely happy. Yes, it seems like her depression…

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  • How I Live Now

    How I Live Now


    Can you imagine how much better the reviews would be if they would’ve just made him the neighbor’s older brother or the farm hand or something.

  • Wildlife



    ALL I wanted at Sundance 2018 was to see Wildlife, well okay, to see Wildlife, and to run into Paul Dano, preferably when he was with Zoe Kazan.

    But sadly, after a week of waking up early and bargaining for tickets and whining, I went home without seeing it, knowing I’d have to wait months for it to be distributed. Since then I’ve scoured libraries and Redbox and FINALLY, 2.5 years later, it’s on Netflix. 

    It truly didn’t disappoint, and…