WandaVision ★★★★

Episode 9: 8/10

Ok so I thought this was a good ending despite being a bit disappointed, I think myself like a lot of people way overhyped the finale with all the theories and all the “leaks” that came out. Luckily I went into it knowing a lot of those theories were not going to come be and I shouldn’t expect any major teases. That’s probably the best way to go into it if you haven’t watched the episode already. I thought that both the end credit scenes were good and they tease a little bit more into the future of the MCU so that’s nice. I’m very curious to see what role Wanda plays in Multiverse of Madness after that 2nd end credit scene. My only real giant disappointment was how they handled Evan Peters, that was a huge missed opportunity to introduce the multiverse and X-Men. It sucks that his role in the show just resulted with a dick joke.

Overall the series was FANTASTIC and I’m pretty excited to check out Falcon and The Winter Soldier in a few weeks.


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