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This review may contain spoilers.

Episode 6: 9.5/10

PHENOMENAL episode, as a massive Malcom in the Middle fan this episode was so fun to watch. This series just keeps getting better and better, after this episode it does seem like Pietro is gonna have a massive part in the final few episodes, I loved him in this. It still seems like he is the X-Men Quicksilver but he may have the memories of the Age of Ultron version while heโ€™s in Wandaโ€™s world, or he could be someone else entirely. I really hope we get more teases and information towards the multiverse in the next few episodes, thereโ€™s have been some โ€œleaksโ€ going around that say someone is gonna show up and there will be a few more surprises so I look forward to seeing what they do. Vision was great I really like how they are handling his character so far. This show is phenomenal and the early 2000s Halloween theme was perfect, I canโ€™t wait til next week I need it now!

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