Burning ★★★★

So, what happened to the girl?

There are so many possibilities each leading down a tangled web of trails like the many paths Jong-su has to choose from when he follows Ben into the countryside.

It could be [spoiler] or [spoiler] or [spoiler]

Was there even ever a well?

There is so much to love about a good mystery.

But honestly, more than figuring out the mystery, what I loved about Bruning was the ambiguity of it. What stands out is the way it is slowly paced and how score subtly picks up over the course of the film while making jazzy asides and edge-of-your-seat rifts and how beautifully it is shot with the wide shot of the lake or the city. What is maybe most important is the way that the movie captures that in-between place of feeling stuck not knowing how to proceed with life. The main character is caught between his father and a failing farm on one hand and this potential future as a writer on the other hand and is incapable of taking any action or showing any agency to find his way forward. Stuck in that Nick Carraway-esque middle ground not knowing the next step until he becomes wrapped up in this girl that, like that tangerine, maybe isn’t even really there at all and is he so captured by her disappearing act that it forces him to do something.

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