Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★

2022 catch-up:

Finally getting around to this one, and after a real strong opening 30 minutes, I'm sorry, I just feel like this goes way off the rails and starts dragging real slow real fast. I'm not saying this out of any contrarian or pseudo-analytical purpose, either, I just genuinely find it very difficult to see what the appeal of this is supposed to be. This is not a poorly made movie by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that's the thing. What makes EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE "good," so to speak, is so schematic in nature. Even much of the dialog feels more like keynotes on a writers board, hammering the same exposition points over and over again and spelling out character arcs explicitly rather than really seeming to find an organic flow to them. The comedic aspects I find, for the most part, tremendously uninspired. The "lol so random" criticism of this movie is absolutely correct, and saying that it's supposed to feel chaotic doesn't really cover it because it doesn't actually FEEL chaotic; it feels incredibly rigid and forced, which is also a criticism you could make of the action sequences.

I should come clean too that I've never been particularly fond of the Dan's previous work. I should try giving SWISS ARMY MAN a rewatch sometime, but I remember it feeling similarly hollow and affected.

And, just on a personal note, I get that I lot of people like this strictly on the basis of the performances. Yeoh and Quan are fine actors, but let's be real: Neither of these performances are good enough to carry a script this weightless. I also don't buy the whole fondness for the movie as, like, some great, long-time coming homage and recognition of Yeoh as a performer. Again, I'm sorry folks, but an actors' greatest homage is already conveyed in the better performances they give in the better movies they've already been in.

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