• Haikyu!! THE MOVIE -Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump-

    Haikyu!! THE MOVIE -Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump-


    Worked on this film as an animator folks!

    Actually watching it, I am simply amazed by the animation, Production I.G. doesn’t hold back on that. There’s a POV shot that goes on for more than a minute, and that was probably my favorite scene. The seamless blend of 2D and 3D elements  blew me away, putting the viewer in the eyes of a volleyball player. Haikyuu has always managed to do this well, but man that scene was next level.
    Can’t wait for people to watch this overseas!
    I never watched Haikyuu and I had an absolute blast!

  • The Birth of Kitarou: Mystery of GeGeGe

    The Birth of Kitarou: Mystery of GeGeGe


    Shigeru Mizuki is the GOAT of Japanese horror. Thankfully the crew decided to make a more mature story. Really impressed with some scenes, genuinely gave me the creeps. Horror animation deserves more love guys.

  • Kizumonogatari -Koyomi Vamp-

    Kizumonogatari -Koyomi Vamp-


    This is my twilight series (just as an analogy, Kizumonogatari is nothing like f’ing twilight). It’s a nice compilation with remastered sound. It ties it all nicely into one feature film, but I miss the extra scenes in the original trilogy. A reminder of this being peak avant garde animation. Also thank you Shaft for continuing the monogatari series this year.

  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    This is MY Barbie movie.

  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    It’s a movie about toilet cleaning, and I actually met Mr. Wenders in the restroom. Circumstances cannot get any better than this. Hope to bump into Koji Yakusho someday.
    And how is it that this film is shot x10 better than other Japanese movies today? Japanese cinema is really in danger man.

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    The best of Satoshi Kon paying tribute to Kurosawa and Godzilla. The man knows his movies, much respect. Also saw it in theaters, I am feeling satisfied.

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    Showed it to my friend. “There’s no films like this today” he said. Very true, Japanese cinema is on the verge of death.

  • Robot on the Road

    Robot on the Road


    What really sucks is that the film contains work by some of the greatest animators ever (Ghibli-tier), yet the story comes across as sexist and just plain creepy. What a waste… really

  • Still Walking

    Still Walking


    How in god’s name is Koreeda able to write the realistic family drama ever. It’s so quiet, yet so emotional…

  • SPY x FAMILY CODE: White

    SPY x FAMILY CODE: White


    Anya carries the movie lol

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    Last movie of 2023. Couldn’t even hit 150 cause I’m busy creating shit now… which I am happy, but I also miss being a nerd devoted to just watching movies. Really want to be involved in making more cause the power of movies (animation!!!) holds so much strength. But for now, I’m just enjoying the quote,

    “Who gives a f*** about movies!”

    Too true Ghostface, too true

    Thank you 2023. 2024 here I come.

    Also R.I.P. Scream franchise

  • Tokyo Godfathers

    Tokyo Godfathers


    Watching this film on Christmas Eve IN a movie theater might just be the greatest thing ever. Also I have a new appreciation for the fabulous character acting done by the legends who worked on this. Hoping that Christmas miracle will happen to me too…