King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

'Kong, the eighth wonder of the World!' Has been an American cinematic and cultural staple for eighty five years now.
My grandmother, who would be nearly 100 now, told a story of seeing the film alone at a theater in rural Kansas and walking home in the dark afterward. The only thing the ape could have hidden behind on her route were telephone poles, yet she was sure he was following her home.
If memory serves, I first watched 'King King' on TV, with my mom, when I was around four years old. I certainly remember the last line of the film 'twas beauty killed the beast', and Kong was also staring in an insurance commercial at the time 'who's going to pay for this, you big ape?'.
I introduced my nephew to the action portions of 'Kong' when he was around 3 years old. He was delighted to see the monkey from his parents souvenir statue of the Empire State Building, in action. He declared 'That monkey and that dinosaur should be in jail!' And lamented that the pilot of the airplane Kong throws 'Won't have a happy landing'
I got to see a 35mm print of 'King Kong' last night at Seattle's Grand Illusion theater. It would have been perfect if not for a whole family of drunks in the row in front of us, the matriarch of which believed that 'Kong' required a 'Rocky Horror' level of audience participation. So it was a mixed bag. I can imagine that audiences in 1933 may have been fairly vocal about the movie too. Although that would have been a group thing and not an individual performance.
The movie is still great. I'm glad Hollywood is milking the monkey again with a 200 foot Kong. I eagerly look forward to his match with Godzilla.

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