Life Is Beautiful ★★★★

At my dad’s request here is what I think of ‘Life is Beautiful’ 21 years later. It is fine. I didn’t cry this time. There are worse concentration camp comedies; presumably ‘When the Clown Cried’ from Jerry Lewis is one, and there are better movies ‘Train of Life’ from 1998 has a group steal an entire train from the Nazi’s. So comedy and the holocaust is a genre that exists. Maybe one shouldn’t use to win Academy Awards, but taste may vary. 
 Roberto Benigni was the most beloved man on the planet, it seemed, during Oscar season 1999. Benigni had made a film where he presents life in a concentration camp as a game to his young son, and the critics loved it. I loved it, and I really liked Benigni, at the time. I honestly have no negative feelings towards the man now. Best role in the film goes to Horst Buchholtz who plays an old doctor to whom solving riddles matters more than the life of his friend. It was fun to revisit this movie.

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